Lifelong Learning Centre is an integral component of the educational activities of the Institute  Technology and Business in Czech Budejovice..

Centre is situated in the ITB complex and  has a high quality technical background. The main task of the Center is the exploration of the regional education market and the subsequent creation and implementation of retraining, interest and professional courses, courses on peace  and specialized lectures in the field of Building Management, Corporate Economics, Accounting, Logistics, Taxes, drawing of the construction drawings on PC, architectural drawings in CAD applications (computer programs), professional foreign language and so on.
Another important task of the Center is the preparation and realization of educational programs for employees and  courses of selected accredited disciplines  according to § 60 of Higer Education Akt  for  ITB students .

A special two semesters Bachelor's studies in the fields of study as Corporate Economics, Building Management and Construction of Buildings takes place at ITB in the framework  of Lifelong Learning .Educational programs the Centre for lifelong learning are intended both for the students and staff of VŠTE and for the general public, which wants to continue  to develop  knowledge on their own fields  or to acquire new scientific  knowledge. It focuses on both  individuals and businesses / institutions. Centre also  puts  greatest emphasis to the wishes and requirements of candidates for further education



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