Jobs:  Payroll accountant

Graduate profile:

• The graduate will be oriented in  areas of labour law, health, social, pension and sickness insurance, establishment and posting of wages. 
• The graduate will be able to make the total wage calculations, prepare of general labour agenda and posting.  He(she) will control the issue of income tax natural persons relating to wages.  He(she) will be able Learn to implement all activities, starting with the selection and the conclusion of an appropriate type of service for the various posts until after the payment and posting of wages.
• The graduate will know how to proceed in case of employment of foreigners, or   the persons with disabilities.

Prerequisites: completed secondary education

Allotted  number of hours:  the course takes 110 hours and consists of 16 modules aimed at partial area of payroll accounting.

1. Employment and legal relations and their conclusion
2. Gross wage. 
3. Health insurance.
4. Insurance and social security.
5. Pension insurance and the ELDP
6. Accident and sickness insurance
7. Tax on the income of natural persons.
8. The determination of the net wages, her maturity.
9. The obligation at the end of the calendar month.
10. The obligation at the end of the calendar year.
11. Payroll Posting.
12. Termination of labour relations
13. Obligations to the Office work.
14. Accidents at work and occupational diseases
15. Specials.
16. The liability of payroll accounting, archiving, protection of personal data.

Forms of Teaching: lectures, seminars, exercises

Certificate: Statewide Course Completion Certificate is issued after the successful completion  of  Courses.

The Institute of Technology and Business in České Budějovice ( Okružní 517/10, 370 01 České Budějovice) is an accredited educational institution.

The professional course guarantor:  Ing. Renata Strnadová

Course start date: říjen 2014

Cost of the course: 10 500 CZK *



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